Intentional Preaching: A View from the Pew

by Meirwyn Walters

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Retail: $24.95
Size: 5 x 7 1/2 inches
Binding: Jacketed hardcover
Pages: 212
Pub Date: March 2020
ISBN: 9781683072683
ISBN-13: 9781683072683
Item Number: 072683
Categories: Preaching Aids; Religion and Culture

Product Description

Intentional Preaching, written by Meirwyn Walters, is the handy guide that every preacher needs. In preparing and delivering their sermons, preachers make dozens of decisions, some intentionally, many perhaps less so. Why not make thoughtful decisions for everything that goes into preaching a good sermon? From first words to hand gestures, choosing a text, masterful use of exegesis, captivating illustrations, titles, approaches to reading Scripture, use of voice, PowerPoint, applications that stick, and scores of other aspects of sermon preparation and delivery, this book explores the panoply of elements in good preaching. Targeted at preachers, the book consists of 117 “squiblets” ranging from a sentence to three or four pages, each on a particular aspect of preaching. Some are quite short, offering practical wisdom, some provide specific advice and tools, and some contain vignettes from the field. In this delightful and sage book, there is something for every preacher to improve his or her preaching.

Key points and features:
• Explores the panoply of elements in good preaching, from hand gestures, to use of voice, to captivating illustrations, and more
• Easily readable (and incredibly humorous) short chapters for busy pastors
• A handy guidebook in a small trim size, packed with snippets of sage advice


“Although pastors may have talked among themselves about how to construct effective sermons, they have seldom brought the listeners into the conversation. . . . They need a word like this from a layman, a lawyer, and a committed follower of Jesus who really is a friend of preachers.”

—Haddon Robinson

Author Bio

After graduating with a BA in American History from Harvard University, Meirwyn Walters studied law and theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and then earned his JD at Boston College Law School. A partner at WaltersLacey LLP, Meirwyn is Adjunct Professor of Law at Gordon College in Wenham, MA. He is a ruling elder at the First Presbyterian Church North Shore (Presbyterian Church in America). He and his wife Nina have three children.